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VARONA presents its two new ranges of projectors with unique and innovative solutions in architectural lighting.


FOX.50 – Scenography in architecture

The new range of FOX projectors brings scenographic creativity to architecture. The use of 7-in-1 CHIPS (RGBWCLA) allows a homogeneous mixing of basic colors with smooth transitions, as well as achieving the full range of white shades (1800K to 8000K) with unique precision.

The extensive range of optics available provides enormous versatility, allowing any desired effect to be achieved with the same product range. It includes a novel super intensive 1.5 degree optic, an extensive 70 degree optic, as well as elliptical and asymmetrical optics.

UCE – Maximum flexibility and orientation comfort

The UCE range takes a decisive step forward in the innovation of recessed spotlights, incorporating an orientation system from the outside that has already been awarded the RED DOT DESIGN AWARD 2021. The interior optical assembly is made up of two independent parts that tilt between -5º and 15º, and the angle can be adjusted from the outside. Rotation is carried out once installed in its recessed position, allowing precise adjustment of the final orientation of the equipment without compromising its IP rating.

These novelties, together with other products from its already known ranges, will soon be installed in VARONA’s ongoing projects, such as the exterior Artistic Lighting of the Burgos Cathedral, the new Real Madrid Museum, the “Somos Agua” exhibition of the Canal Foundation, the main façade of the Seville Captaincy, the Escolapios School in Monforte de Lemos, or the Arab Bridge in Guadalajara.